Sunline Super Braid 5 - 600m PE 12

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Sunline Super Braid 5 is a high quality polyethylene braid with just the right amount of stiffness and resilience. Designed with super high sensitivity and strength to feel the bite and fight with power. Manufactured with an exclusive specialised dyeing technology for even more vivid color presentation and significantly improved fade resistance. Colour coded line (every 10m of blue-pink-orange-green-red rotation) for exact line out measurements applicable to a wide range of fishing situations. Ideal for jiging or other deep water applications.

PE 号 Strength (kg) Strength (lb) Length
2 11.5 kg 25lb 600m
3 17 kg 37lb 600m
4 22 kg 48lb 600m
5 27.5 kg 60lb 600m
6 33 kg 72lb 600m
8 40 kg 88lb 600m
10 50 kg 110lb 600m
12 60 kg 130lb 600m



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Additional Info