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Blue Blue Gachisla 230HS Sinking Stickbait

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Gachisla 230HS Fast Sinking Stickbait by Blue Blue


The Gachisla 230HS is a heavy weighted fast sinking stickbait designed to get down to large predators holding in deeper water. With the slim profile and tail first sink it falls rapidly, easily reaching fish even in high current. Once you get down to the desired depth the Gachisla works best with a steady retrieve and twitch of the rod, but can be used with a sweep or a fast burn also. with minimum wind resistance due to its shape and free moving internal weight the Gachisla casts an absolute mile. the internal weight also creates a great rattle aiding in attracting fish from a distance.

This lure has accounted for many XOS GT but will also be great for Spanish mackerel, wahoo and tuna.

Type: Sinking Stickbait

Weight: 165g

Length: 230mm

With the slender profile we recommend using a short assist single hook set up like Shout Single Kudako Topwater Assist Hook (Shout 090543) (6/0)

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Additional Info

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