CB One Zero 1 Semilong 170g Metal Jig

$27.23 (Ex. GST)
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Zero 1 Semilong 170g Versatile High Pitch or Slow Pitch Sliding Metal Jig by CB One

The Zero 1 Semilong Jig is an excellent sliding side to side action when jigged. The jig has been precisely balanced which allows it to shimmer and fall horizontally, creating extra flash and action naturally as it drops through the strike zone, often enticing the bite!

It works equally well used with a slow pitch or high pitch action. reef dwellers like snapper, nannygai, coral trout or red emperor are an excellent target for the Zero 1 Semilong. The faster moving predators like kingfish, amberjack, tuna or dogtooth tuna will also fall for this jig.

Type: versatile

Weight: 170g

Length: 175mm

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Additional Info

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