D-Claw Beacon 120 Floating Popper

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Beacon 120 Floating Popper by D-Claw

D-Claw is a Japanese brand, creating hand-made lures of the highest quality. The finish and functionality of these lures is outstanding. 

The Beacon 120 is another excellent popper in the D-Claw range, created in conjunction with Fish Trippers Village. Although smallest of the D-Claw poppers, it's perfect for when the fish are feeding on smaller bait. It's straight tapered off design leaves long bubble trails in the water, especially using long slow sweeps. The lure is made from hard foam resin and features 1.6mm through-wire for maximum strength on large fish. Although small, it can be fished up to PE6 tackle.

This an excellent choice when chasing big reef fish over the shallow reefs. As well as being great for kingfish, GT, tuna, kahawai salmon and tailor.

Length: 120mm

Weight: 40g

Suits hooks such as BKK Raptor Z in 2/0 or Decoy Castin Single JS-5 in 4/0

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Additional Info

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