Decoy Pike Hyper AS-04P Pro Pack Jig Assist Hook

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Pike Hyper AS-04P Pro Pack Un-Rigged Assist Hook for Jigging by Decoy

The Pike Hyper AS-04 is an excellent choice for those wanting to make their own assist hooks for light to medium jigging. With its flattened square end its perfect for tying snood knots onto your hook making a neat and more stream line assist. The wide gape and long point gives the hook excellent penetration. It is made with relatively thin wire but the unique shape of the hook makes in incredibly strong. The Pike AS-04 is an excellent all round jigging hook for slow and fast styles. If you're slow jigging for demersal species or high pitch for kingfish and amberjack this hook wont let you down.

1/0: 16mm Gape, 48 Pcs

2/0: 18mm Gape, 36 Pcs

3/0: 22mm Gape, 30 Pcs


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Additional Info

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