FCL Labo

FCL Labo JD-P 77F Floating Stickbait

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JD-P 77F Small Floating Stickbait by FCL Labo

The JD-P 77F is the smallest in the JD-P range from FCL and is an absolute estuary slayer just like it's bigger cousins. It's very easy to use with a short steady sweep it gets down and has a great wobble and tail kick before emerging back to the surface waiting for that strike from the closest predator. It swims more like a miniature version of a blue water stickbait making it a nice variation from the more commonly used walk the dog lure.

The JD-P 77F is going to work great for any number of species that haunt your local river. Trevally, large bream, bass, mangrove jack, whiting and tailor will be all over the JD-P 77F.

Type: Floating stickbait

Length: 77mm

Weight: 6g

Hooks: Rigged with Decoy Y-F33F trebles

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Additional Info

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