FCL Labo

FCL Labo MSL Jig 150g

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FCL Labo MSL Jig 150g

The FCLLABO MSL series of jigs is designed for slow pitch jigging. With their super wide shape the action these jigs produce is just awesome. Designed with a slower and more technical style of retrieve in mind the jigs get a nice wide fluttering action with minimal effort. Combine this great action with its slightly shorter length and you have a deadly jig for demersal species like snapper, jewfish, pearl perch, coral trout, red emperor, fingermark and dhufish.  This jig also works great when pelagic species like Kingfish, Samson and Amberjack have become skittish and are not responding to a fast retrieve.

All FCLLABO Lures are handmade in Japan!!

Type: Slow Jig

Weight: 150g

Length: 12cm

Assists: Shout Heavy Spark Hard Gap Twin Assist Hook (Shout 306057) (2/0) or Decoy Twin Pike Hyper Assist DJ-98 (Decoy 832509) (3/0)

Rings: CB One Split Ring XX (CB One 887038) (#6)

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Additional Info

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