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FCL Labo SFS 200 Metal Jig

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SFS 200g Slow or High Pitch metal Jig by FCL Labo

The FCL Labo SFS jig is a centre balanced jig with a keel on one side. The central balance of the jig and the keel enables it to be worked effectively with both a high pitch and slow pitch retrieve. Aggressive lifts encourages a wide sliding action, whereas short flicks of the rod tip gives the lure a darting zig zag action. On the fall the SFS stays fairly horizontal with a nice shimmy, encouraging many hits on the drop. The SFS jig, with it's diverse range of retrieves, is ideal for targeting a huge range of reef species as well as tuna, AJs and kingfish.

Type: Versatile Jig

Weight: 200g

Length: 170mm


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