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FCL Labo SPP Slim 110

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FCL SPP Slim 110 sinking swimming popper

The SPP Slim 110 is the smaller version of FCL's popular SPP series of GT poppers. These smaller slimline sinking versions are absolutely deadly fished on lighter tackle for pelagic species such as Tuna and Mackerel as well as Kingfish, Trevally and many many more! Simply wind the SPP Slim back like you would a metal slice and the slight cupped face will force the lure to swim side to side. Twitch the SPP Slim and watch it dart from side to side. Rip it fast across the top for a killer bubble trail. Working combinations of the different retrieve styles can really switch on predators on during challenging sessions, as well as working the water column top to bottom.

Type Sinking Popper
Length (mm) 110mm
Weight (g) 35gr     
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Additional Info

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