GPC SPP 220 Serpen Pop

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GPC SPP220 SerpenPop - diving/swimming popper

Guerilla Pluggers Collective or GPC Lures are handcrafted topwater plugs from Kanagawa Japan.

The SerpenPop plug is an altered version of the original Serpentine released in 2015 and produces a wide rolling action. The shallow angled cup allows the lure to submerge easily and create excellent commotion and foaming bubble trail as it slides under the surface. The SPP does not need a lot of force to work, so this is a very economical lure for the angler to swim.

This lure is ideal for all kinds of topwater targets, from big kingfish, to tuna and GT along with a variety of larger reef dwelling species. It is an ideal addition to any lure kit, for its unique action, handmade attention to detail and excellent fish catching ability!

Work this lure as a diving stickbait - not a conventional popper, making sure to leave sufficient slack line between pauses and sweeps. It can be swum short or long, as the fish feeding behavior necessitates.

The GPC SPP220 is not to be confused with the FCL Labo SPP swimming popper series!

GPC SPP220 SerpenPop

Lure Style: Diving/Swimming Popper

Length: 220mm

Weight: 125g

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Additional Info

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