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Griff Lures Classic 210mm 125g Floating

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Classic 210mm 125g Floating by Griff Lures

Introducing a 125g floating stickbait thoughtfully crafted for anglers of all levels. With ease, it responds to an angler's touch, creating captivating underwater movements. A graceful 'S' swim unfolds as the bait dips beneath the water during long rod sweeps, only to resurface tantalizingly during pauses. When retrieved in a straight line, it gracefully glides beneath the surface, while quick twitches provoke lively, erratic motions.

The Classic embodies simplicity in its design, drawing inspiration from one of my original 180mm floating stickbait models that yielded substantial catches a few years ago. This updated rendition has been fine-tuned for these new sizes, ensuring consistent performance and enhanced durability.

Constructed with a handcrafted timber body, reinforced by a sturdy 2mm stainless steel through-wire core, and adorned with a robust epoxy coating, this lure seamlessly marries aesthetics with unwavering strength. Given the use of natural materials in handmade lures, a slight variation of a few grams is to be anticipated on either side, contributing to its unique character.

Lure Style: Floating Stickbait

Length: 210mm

Weight: 125g

Treble Hooks: BKK GT-REX Barbed Treble Hook (BKK 100554) (5/0)  or Shout Curve Point Treble 31 Treble Hook (Shout 071580) (5/0) 

Single Hooks: BKK Lone Diablo Inline Single Hooks (BKK 090829) (11/0)

Split Rings: Decoy Split Ring (Decoy 811306) (10) or Patriot Design Pro Stock Ring (Patriot 220914) (#10 300lb)

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Additional Info

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