Malosi Atom 75P

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Malosi Atom 75P Surface Popper

This surface popper can produce a wide range of actions, from explosive pops to subtle, finessed 'bloops.' It can be popped aggressively in a vertical style out wide, or with much more control when oriented top-down. Its large cup face, relative to its body size, gives this lure all the noise it needs to entice a strike, yet it can also be moderated to create a very subtle surface disturbance if needed. It is very effective for chasing a wide range of species, including Flathead, Jacks, Trevally, Queenfish, Bream, Tailor, and Barramundi. Designed and tested by the talented lure makes at Malosi fishing. 

Type: Surface Popper

Length: 75mm

Weight: 12.5g

Hooks: Pre rigged BKK 6066-3X


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Additional Info