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Nature Boys Deep Robber 500g Metal Jig

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Deep Robber 500g Versatile Deep Water Long Jig by Nature Boys

The Deep Robber is a jig designed to explore the depths of the ocean where other jigs can not reach. Nature Boys have put a lot of thought into the shape and balance of this jig, so it sinks swiftly and easily through the water yet the action still remains. The Deep Robber features the same steel construction as all the other Nature boys jigs, these lures have durability and unique actions unmatched by other lures.

The long shape and thick body promotes a vigorous flashing wiggle on the fall. A simple 'one pitch' jerk action slides the lure enticingly from side to side encouraging bites from all kinds of predators that hunt in deep water. This lure works well in a vertical style, but also performs when wind and current dictate a more sideways style. 

While the Deep Robber was designed initially with kingfish and amberjack in mind, it has performed very well on yellowfin tuna and dogtooth as well as plenty of unsuspecting deep water critters too.

Type: Centre Balanced Jig

Weight: 500g

Length: 290mm

Width: 25mm

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Additional Info

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