Nature Boys Spin Rider Deep 360g Metal Jig

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Spin Rider Deep 360g Slow Pitch Metal Jig by Nature Boys

The Spin Rider Is a slow pitch jig designed specifically for deep water. The shape allows the jig to cut throw the water getting down to the desired depth quickly. once among the target fish the jig has a big presence with its length, width and thickness. The size coupled with the great action and nice long flutter on the drop makes it a fish attracting weapon!

The spin rider is an excellent choice when slow pitching deep water for amberjack and tuna as well as reef species like coral trout, red emperor, nannygai, snapper, and pearl perch.

A great all round slow pitch jig that is a great inclusion to your kit!

Type: Slow Pitch

Weight: 360g

Length: 220mm

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Additional Info

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