How to use our online store

The online store is fairly logical but there are a few things that are helpful to know:

1.  If you click on a logo and there are no products in that category that means we have the items in our physcial store but not online yet.  You can either phone us on +61 (0) 7 3207 9965 or you can email and we will let you know what is in stock.

2.  When you click on an item hold your mouse over the picture.  The picture will magnify so you can see the detail more clearly

3.  Beneath the main picture are smaller pictures.  If you hold your mouse over one of the smaller pictures it will become the main picture and allow you to magnify.

4.  If you see small arrows either side of the thumbnail pictures this means there are more pictures for this item.  Click on the arrow and it will scroll through the other pictures

5.  If your item has a number of different colour options click on the names of the different colours.  Each time you click on a different colour name the picture will change to show you the actual colour - no more trying to work out pictures off a colour chart or guessing. 

6.  When you order an item it will add it to your shopping cart.  You can go back to the store and keep shopping.  Once finished you can check your cart and keep or delete items. 

7.  You can check out without registering

8.  If you are browsing and want to keep a track of the things you like you can add them to your wish list.  However you do need to create an account (or in other words register) to use this function.

9.  Shipping will be calculated at checkout.  If you are in Australia and purchase over AU$100 then shipping will be free.

If you have any questions just let us know by emailing

Have fun