Nomad Gypsea 40g Metal Jig

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Gypsy 40g Rigged Slow or High Pitch Metal Jig by Nomad Designs

The Gypsy range of jigs cover all styles of jigging from fast to very slow, with something for every Australian species. Ideal for everything from snapper and kingfish through to coral trout, nannygai and emperor on the reef. This great value range of jigs are ready to fish out of the package featuring quality BKK hooks.

The Gypsy is the classic teardrop shape and worked fast and erratic will attract mid-water dwelling species like Kingfish. Used with a slower and methodical slow-pitch style action you'll get bites from bottom species such as snapper. The wider body profile makes the jig flutter more on the drop and produces a wider thumping action on the lift.

The 40g gram jig come rigged with twin assists and is perfect for targeting any number of species that live on the reef as well as small kingfish, amberjack and tuna. 

Type: Fluttering Jig

Weight: 80g

Length: 80mm

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Additional Info

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