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Oceans Legacy Elementus Spin Jig Rod

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Elementus Spin Deep Water Slow Pitch jigging Rod by Oceans Legacy

The Oceans Legacy Elementus Spin rods are the perfect choice for anglers wanting a strong slow pitch style rod, either for deep water work or chasing larger fish in the reefy shallows. Rated for lines from PE4 to PE6 and built at 6'1, they are a great balance between jigging action, angler comfort and fish fighting power. The C3 Carbon provides superb lifting power against big fish. These rods are also versatile enough to rip smaller jigs at speed for kings and amberjacks, or use technical jigging styles for a range or species

These rods are ideal for large deepwater species such as hapuka, groupers and jobfishes. Also great for dragging coral reef species out of their holes in shallower waters.

Fitted with quality Fuji fittings and tidy trimmings such as alloy winding checks and locking nut.


Elementus ELOS-B611H+

Length: 6'1 185cm

Weight: 230g

Line: PE5+

Slow Pitch: 300-700g

High Pitch: 150-400g


Elementus ELOS-B611H++

Length: 6'1 185cm

Weight: 245g

Line: PE6+

Slow Pitch: 400-1000g

High Pitch: 180-500g

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Additional Info

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