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Oceans Legacy Keeling 200mm Sinking Stickbait

$45.41 (Ex. GST)
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Keeling 200mm 45g Sinking Stickbait by Oceans Legacy

The Keeling sinking stickbaits have been designed for versatility and performance even in the most trying conditions. The Keeling lures have been put through rigorous testing in some of the harshest fishing destination around Australia and the world.

This lure can be use with many different retrieves to suit condition and the target species. A traditional sweep to mimic a feeling baitfish, a twitch and pause which replicates wounded prey or just a straight burn to try entice a reaction bite.

all stickbaits come pre rigged with Oceans Legacy's own custom designed terminal tackle, super strong split rings and single hooks. The Keeling stickbaits can also be used just as effectively with treble hooks if you prefer to do so.

the 200mm size is a great option when chasing fish like GT, Spanish mackerel, large kingfish and big tuna.

Type: Sinking Stickbait

Weight: 124g

Length: 200mm

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Additional Info

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