Oceans Legacy

Oceans Legacy Tako Twin Assist

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Tako Twin Assist by Oceans Legacy

Introducing the award-winning Oceans Legacy Tako Twin Assist - recipient of the 2022 AFTA Best Terminal Tackle award. This exceptional tackle is expertly crafted to significantly enhance your dermasal hook up rate. Its innovative design includes squid skirts, providing your jig with increased action and excitement, making it the perfect choice for targeting dermasels. Each unit is custom-designed with UV Glow to ensure maximum visibility and appeal.

HOOK SIZE 1/0 2/0 3/0 4/0 5/0
ASSIST CORD 80LB 110LB 110LB 150LB 150LB
STRENGTH 22.5LB 33.3LB 75.4LB 84.3LB 99.4LB
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Additional Info

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