Palms Jigaro Super Slide 150g Metal Jig

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Jigaro Super Slide 150g by Palms

For the more experienced angler the Palms Jigaro Super Slide will provide unique actions as it's designed to be work with good rod technique. The jig will perform according to the fishers performance. Whether that's slow or high pitch. The jig will react to every rod action. It has a incredible sliding action and cuts through the water with little to no resistance. It also features a horizontal flutter on the drop and can be used from shore or boat.

A great jig if your chasing kings, mackerel, tuna, or any unsuspecting reefies.


Weight: 150g

Length: 200mm

Suitable hooks

Heavy: Shout Powerful Assist Jigging Hook (Shout 119305) (3/0)

Reef: Twin Pike Hyper Assists 2/0

GeneralShout Heavy Spark Hard Twin 2cm Assist Hook (Shout 306101) (2/0)


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Additional Info


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