Shout Curve Point Treble 31

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The new Shout Curve Point Trebles are a heavy duty hook suited to Popping and Stickbaiting for GTs, Kingfish, Tuna, etc; The long curved point is very similar in to the famous Shout Kudako hooks giving the hook great holding power and strength once hooked up.

Size Gape Qty (Per Pack)  Weight (grams)
1/0 12mm 6 pieces 4.1g
2/0 13.5mm 5 pieces 5.08g
3/0 15.5mm 6 pieces 6.43g
4/0 17mm 5 pieces 8.63g
5/0 20mm 4 pieces 9.72g
6/0 22mm 3 pieces 13.04g
7/0 24mm 3 pieces 16.16g
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Additional Info