Shout Light Game Jaco Assist Hook

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Light Game Jaco Assist hooks with Flash by Shout

The Shout Light Game Jaco is a great option for anglers wanting small strong hooks for their jigs.

Additional attraction is provided by the flash materials to get extra bites on the tough days

All sizes come with two sets of pre rigged twin assists.

Type: Light twin Assist, with offset hooks


Hook Size: SS

Assist Length: 12mm

Hook Gape: 9mm

Jig Size: 20-30g


Hook Size: S

Assist Length: 15mm

Hook Gape: 10mm

Jig Size: 20-40g


Hook Size: M

Assist Length: 17mm

Hook Gape: 11mm

Jig Size: 30-60g


Hook Size: L

Assist Length: 17mm

Hook Gape: 12mm

Jig Size: 40-80g


Hook Size: LL

Assist Length: 20mm

Hook Gape: 13mm

Jig Size: 60-100g

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Additional Info

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