Shout Stay 160g Metal Jig

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Stay 160g centre balanced jig High or Slow Pitch Centre Balanced Metal Jig by Shout

Dart and pause action. The horizontal position the jig adopts as it flutters on the fall gives the fish an excellent chance for the fish to bite.

The centre weighted jig, ‘STAY’, is specially developed to suspend longer than a conventional jig before falling. The triple-edge shape provides the dart action like ‘SLIDE ACTOR’ in the water current. The horizontal position when pausing as if it is suspended gives the fish a superb ‘biting moment’ to target. The stay jigs have proven to be incredibly effective on species such as Kingfish, Amberjack, Dogtooth, Coral trout and Red Bass.

Type: Centre Balanced Jig

Length: 150mm

Weight: 160g

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Additional Info

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