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Tana Jig Aiya Slender 50g Metal Jig

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Aiya Slender 50g Slow or High Pitch Fluttering Metal Jig by Tana Jig

The Aiya Slender Jig is a long skinny versatile jig with a keel shaped body. The shape helps the jig fall horizontally with a long flutter and tight wobble action, perfect for enticing fish to bite on the drop. it can also be used with a faster retrieve vertically or as a casting metal.

The paint on these jigs is just as impressive as the action. Excellent colour ways featuring holo and glow finishes as well as a flashy lifelike baitfish on the flat side of the jig.

Using this jig with a slow pitch action is perfect for targeting bottom dwelling reef fish like snapper, pearl perch, groupers and coral trout. When jigged at pace it'll get bites from rat kings and amberjack as well as tuna and small mackerel.

Type: Versatile jig 

Weight: 50g

Length: 105mm

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Additional Info

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