Toray Jigging Leader Powergame

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Toray's Jigging Leader Powergame is a new age fluorocarbon that possesses stretch which gives you excellent impact resistance. The ultra hard Jigging Leader is extremely abrasion resistant and can be fished around structure with confidence. The Jigging Leader Powergame is a perfect all round fluoro carbon leader for a host of situations you might come across in your day to day fishing. A great value for money leader from one of Japan's leading manufacturers and comes in spools of 30m.
Strength Diameter (mm) Length (metres)
5 20 lb 0.370 30m
8 30 lb 0.470 30m
12 40 lb 0.570 30m
14 50 lb 0.620 30m
16 60 lb 0.660 30m
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