Varivas Avani Jigging 10x10 Max X9 400m

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Varivas Avani Jigging 10x10 Max X9 400m

The new Varivas Max Power x9 is specifically tuned for jigging and features a new 9 strand system. The 9th strand Core Input technique not only minimizes line crush caused by tension and pressure but also ensures a secure battle even with larger predatory fish. Not only have they added an extra strand in the core they have adopted a vertical braid manufacturing method which has outstanding straight line performance and an impressive ultra-low stretch rate of 3%. Lines made with the vertical braid manufacturing method significantly reduce the lines slack which in turn aids with fall speed and sensitivity. The Max x9 also features a new innovative SP-T 2 coating that helps to repel water for even better depth penetration. 

The Max Power x9 comes tuned with 10 colours at 10m increments to help you easily stay in the target area. This braid is perfect for the angler who demands the very best in line strength and technology. 

PE#        Breaking Strain (lbs.) Length (meters)
2 39lb 400m
3 57lb 400m
4 68lb 400m
5 80lb 400m
6 90lb 400m
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Additional Info

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