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Trefle Creation Mirage JT 128

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Mirage JT 128 by Trefle Creation

Introducing the Mirage JT 128S from Trefle Creations coming in at 128mm long and weighing in at 28g. This new jointed swimbait incorporates a patented pendulum lock system to keep the lure straight when casting to improve on cast distance and accuracy. During flight the joint part becomes locked to create a much straighter body then you would usually find in jointed lures. As soon as it hits the water the pendulum lock is disengaged for maximum action. This lure has a really nice S-shaped action when slow rolled but also can hold its own in higher currents and retrieve rates because of its design it doesn't want to roll instead it will hold its shape. At 128mm this lure is going to be deadly on a wide variety of fish from Flathead, Mangrove Jacks, estuary GT's, Barramundi, Bass to light tackle rock fishing. 

 Type: Sinking jointed swimbait

Weight: 28g

Length: 128mm




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Additional Info

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