Bombada Tobikichi Submarine Floating Wakebait

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Tobikichi Submarine Floating Wakebait by Bombada 

Bombada is a small company coming out of Japan that take pride in thinking a little out side of the box with their designs. They then take these designs and create lures that are of the highest quality and productivity. The Tobikichi Wakebait is a great example of this. A great design, excellent finish, it's tough and it catches fish! the bib has been designed to keep your hooks from hanging up on structure and weeds. the Tobikichi is a very angler friendly lure. a slow roll keeps the lure on the surface creating a nice wake. If you wind a little faster it'll go subsurface with the same enticing swimming action. This lure was designed as a big bait for large mouth bass in Japan and peacock bass in Brazil but it's going to be dynamite on our native cod species as well as barramundi and mangrove jack.

Type: Floating Wakebait

Length: 160mm

Weight: 50g

Hooks: Pre rigged with super sharp Japanese trebles

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Additional Info

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