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FCL Labo

FCL Labo TBO 180 Floating Stickbait

$63.59 - $68.14 (Ex. GST)
TBO 180 floating stickbait by FCL Labo The TBO series of stickbaits have excellent swimming action that fish can not resist. The TBO 180 is fat head floating stickbait made to handle the power of big fish. It is best worked by leaving some slack and...
FCL Labo

FCL Labo TBO 180s Swim Sinking Stickbait

$63.59 - $68.14 (Ex. GST)
TBO 180s Swim Level Sinking Stickbait by FCL Labo The TBO series of stickbaits have excellent swimming actions that fish can not resist. The TBO 180s Swim is level sinking stickbait with an incredible rolling action. It is best worked by steadily...
FCL Labo

FCL Labo TBO 220 SO Floating Stickbait

$68.14 - $72.68 (Ex. GST)
TBO 220 SO Floating Stickbait by FCL Labo The TBO series of stickbaits have excellent swimming actions that fish can not resist. The TBO 220 SO is nose up floating stickbait that is very easy to swim. It is best worked by leaving some slack and steadily...

BKK Heavy Jigging Assist Hooks

$19.99 (Ex. GST)
Heavy Jig Pre-Rigged Assist Hooks by BKK BKK's Heavy Assist hooks are made with the ultra strong BKK DEEP hooks. The assists are tied with a Luminous thread which is a great attractant for cloudy days and fishing at night.  The...

Varivas Avani Casting PE 300m

$80.91 - $105.45 (Ex. GST)
Avani Casting PE by Varivas Avani series PE braided lines have been praised high among big fish anglers for GT and TUNA. This new Casting PE Max Power X8 line covers a larger spectrum of fishing applications and has both upgraded tensile strength and...

BKK GT-REX Barbed Treble Hook

$36.35 (Ex. GST)
GT-REX Barbed Treble Hook by BKK BKK have been making hooks over for 100 years. Unique hook points, super high quality materials and innovative technology are the foundations behind this impressive manufacturer. The GT-Rex is a ultra strong 6X...
FCL Labo

FCL Labo TS 180 Skipping Stickbait

$54.50 - $59.05 (Ex. GST)
TS 180 Slow Sinking skipping Stickbait by FCL Labo The T Stick 180 is the ultimate Garfish and Needle Fish imitation. This slow sinking pencil is tail weighted for excellent casting distance. It can be used as a skipping pencil across the surface or...

Varivas SS Assist

$19.95 - $55.41 (Ex. GST)
Varivas SS Assist Cord Varivas SS Assist cord is used to make assist rigs for jigging and popping. High strength and high abrasion resistance means this is the perfect material to use to attach hooks to jigs and poppers. Kevlar fibres are used for...
FCL Labo

FCL Labo Ebipop SC 115F Floating Popper

$36.32 - $39.05 (Ex. GST)
Ebipop SC 115F Rigged Floating popper by FCL Labo The smallest version of the Ebipop EXT, the Ebipop SC 115F is constructed of the same super high density foam for increased longevity. The FCL Ebipop is among the easiest of poppers to...

Shout Double Kudako Assist Hook

$10.86 - $18.14 (Ex. GST)
Kudako Double Assist Topwater Lure and Metal Jig Assist Hook by Shout The Double Kudako Assist hook is equipped with 2 very strong  ‘KUDAKO HOOKS’. They feature strong PE Assist cord and a strong press ring for excellent durability...

Zenaq 3D Casting Glove Black

$77.23 (Ex. GST)
3D Black Casting Glove by Zenaq Lightweight breathable popping and jigging glove. Leather padding on thumb and forefinger for grip and durability. Features a low cuff design great for comfort when fishing in hot climates. Our advise is if you think you...
FCL Labo

FCL Labo SPP Slim 110

$36.32 - $39.05 (Ex. GST)
FCL SPP Slim 110 sinking swimming popper The SPP Slim 110 is the smaller version of FCL's popular SPP series of GT poppers. These smaller slimline sinking versions are absolutely deadly fished on lighter tackle for pelagic species such as Tuna and...

Varivas Fluorocarbon Shock Leader

$21.77 - $86.32 (Ex. GST)
Varivas Fluorocarbon Shock Leader Varivas Fluorocarbon Shock Leader is one of the toughest leader materials available for casting, jigging and is ideal when high abrasion resistance is needed. The Fluorocarbon Shock Leader has a small amount of stretch...

Decoy Y-S22 Treble

$11.77 - $17.23 (Ex. GST)
The Decoy Y-S22 is an excellent multi purpose treble with sizes available from #8 to #5/0. The new smaller sizes (#8-#1/0) are ideal for rigging up light tackle when targeting Bass, Mangrove Jacks and Barramundi. Through to the original sizes for mid...
FCL Labo

FCL Labo TG 163 Floating Minnow

$59.05 (Ex. GST)
TG 163 Floating Minnow by FCL Labo The FCL TG 163 is a highly effective casting minnow designed to be cranked just under the surface. The TG Minnow is a great casting lure and is is very successful in all conditions as it swims just under the chop in...

Nomad Squidtrex Vibe

$20.90 - $40.90 (Ex. GST)
Squidtrex by Nomad Design A Squid Vibe, a world first from Nomad! The SQUIDTREX uses Patent Pending technology to combine a soft vibration lure into a squid shaped body. It can be jigged vertically both fast and slow, or cast and retrieved like a vibe...
FCL Labo

FCL Labo SL Jig 120g Metal Jig

$23.59 - $26.32 (Ex. GST)
FCL Labo SL Slow or High Pitch Metal Jig 120g Jig  The FCL Labo SL series of jig are a super versatile design, suitable for both fast and slow style retrieves.  The FCL SL series of jigs covers everything from the shallows to the deep blue...
FCL Labo

FCL Labo HJ Stick 130 Sinking Stickbait

$42.68 - $45.41 (Ex. GST)
HJ 130 sinking stickbait by FCL Labo The HJ Stick is designed  to sink quite quickly through the water column to reach target species such as GTs, Tuna, Mackerel and Kingfish. On a medium to fast retrieve the lure has an enticing wobbling...