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FCL Labo Shime Vibe 110 Vibration Bait

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Shime Vibe 110 Sinking Vibration Bait by FCl Labo

The FCL Shime Vibe mixes the action of a traditional vibration bait, with the wiggle of a minnow.

This is a great lure for bay, shallow offshore and casting around the wash zone off the rocks. Retrieves can vary from a steady rolling to a variety of hops and flicks with pauses to let the lure flutter back to bottom. It can also be jigged vertically.

The 110mm version is an excellent option when targeting large threadfin salmon, mulloway and barramundi in the river. It is also great for throwing around the in shore reefs for snapper.

Lure Type: Lipless Crankbait (Vibration)

Length: 110mm

Weight: 50g

Hooks: Pre rigged with Decoy Y-W77 #1 trebles

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Additional Info

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