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FCL Labo TKC70

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TKC70 by FCL Labo

Based off the FCL TC-1. The TKC70 is designed for freshwater. But made with the same process as the other saltwater FCL lures. So it would still go pretty good in the salt especially if your chasing flatties or bass. The TKC70 can dive to about 1.3 to 1.5 meters and has a fine wobble roll action. It features a small round bib, helping with your cast and avoiding obstacles in the water. A perfect selection if your chasing aussie bass, yellow belly, mangrove jacks and small cod.

All FCLLABO lures are handmade in Japan!

Type: Floating crankbait 

Weight: 11g

Length: 70mm

Hooks: 1x Decoy TF33F #6 Treble & 1x Owner 36BC #4 Treble

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Additional Info

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