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Gan Craft Jointed Claw 303 Shaku One Swimbait

$268.18 (Ex. GST)
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Jointed Claw 303 Shaku One Floating Jointed Glidebait by Gan Caft

The Jointed Claw 303 is the largest in the range and is truly a mammoth sized bait. With its huge presence in the water, incredible finish and seductive S swimming action it's irresistible to aggressive predators that eat large baitfish. It has been designed specifically for large mouth bass in japan and the USA but is also a great option chasing Australian species like murray cod, mulloway and even barramundi.

Comes with Decoy YF-33F 4/0 front treble and 3/0 rear treble.

Type: Slow Floating Glidebait

Length: 303mm 

Weight: 260g


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Additional Info

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