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Gan Craft Jointed Claw Magnum 230 Glidebait

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Jointed Claw Magnum 230 Glidebait by Gan Craft

The Jointed Claw 230 is built for attracting trophy sized predators! Its huge presence in the water, the enticing S swimming action and its incredible finish makes it irresistible to any fish that feed on large bait. It was designed as a big bait for large mouth bass in Japan and the USA but works great on the beasts that roam our rivers, estuary and dams. fish like murray cod, mulloway and XL barramundi, it'll also be an excellent option for casting over shallow sand banks chasing that elusive metre flathead.

This lure comes pre rigged with Owner ST-36BC #1/0 & #1 but we recommend upgrading to a BKK Viper 41 Treble Hook 2/0 and 1/0 if your planning on targeting that bigger class of fish.

Type: Jointed Glidebait

Length: 230mm 

Weight Slow Floating: 105g

Weight Slow Sinking: 112g

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Additional Info

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