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Decoy Shrink Tube

$3.59 (Ex. GST)
Decoy Shrink Tube is ideal for rigging assist hooks for jigging and popping. Simply slip a small piece of the Shrink Tube over the eye of the hook and cord and heat it up to make a neat and durable assist. Size Length Suits Hook...
FCL Labo

FCL Labo TG 240 Floating Minnow

$86.32 (Ex. GST)
TG 240 Floating Minnow by FCL Labo The FCL TG 240 is a highly effective casting minnow designed to be cranked just under the surface. The TG Minnow is a great casting lure and is very successful in all conditions as it swims just under the chop in...
FCL Labo

FCL Labo HJ Stick 200 Sinking Stickbait

$63.59 - $67.23 (Ex. GST)
HJ 200 sinking stickbait by FCL Labo The HJ Stick is designed  to sink quite quickly through the water column to reach target species such as GT's, Tuna, Mackerel and Kingfish. On a medium to fast retrieve the lure has an enticing wobbling action...
Out of Stock.
HPA Popperstore

HPA Popperstore

$117.27 (Ex. GST)
HPA Popperstore lure wrap for big topwater lures The HPA Popperstore is of the highest quality. These popper storage bags will easily hold 20 good sized poppers and will still have room for your accessories. French manufacturers HPA...
FCL Labo

FCL Labo SPP 140 Swimming Popper

$69.05 - $71.77 (Ex. GST)
SPP 140 Swimming Popper by FCL Labo The FCL Labo SPP 140 is a swimming popper. This differs to most other poppers in that it is designed to swim sub surface. On the initial rip it will bloop and drag a vigorous bubble trail underwater, if the movement...

BKK Viper 41 Treble Hook

$13.63 - $18.17 (Ex. GST)
Viper 41 Straight Point Treble Hook by BKK The Viper 41 Treble has been tested on some of the most aggressive and damaging fish around the world and has passed with flying colours. The straight point of the hook makes them extremely sticky when...
FCL Labo

FCL Labo Ebipop 140 Floating Popper

$80.91 - $84.55 (Ex. GST)
Ebipop 140 Floating Blooping Popper by FCL Labo This popper has a long history of catching monsters from all over the world! One of Tsurusaki sans original designs when he started FCL, this lure has a large profile for great stability in all conditions...

Maria Rapido 230F Floating Stickbait

$49.95 (Ex. GST)
Rapido 230mm 100g Floating Stickbait by Maria  The Rapido has a slim profile which helps naturally imitate the swimming action of a dying bait fish making it incredibly effective when conditions are tough. Ideal for Kingfish, Mackerel, Trevally,...
Out of Stock.
ASWB SS-130 Scad Sinking Stickbait

ASWB SS-130 Scad Sinking Stickbait

$67.23 - $76.32 (Ex. GST)
SS-130 SCAD Slow Sinking Stickbait by ASWB The ASWB SS-130 Scad has a shorter broader profile than the SS-120. The flat sided design produces a wider 'S' action with more body roll, allowing for more flash from the reflective wing sides. Perfect for...

ASWB F1-130 Bungarra Floating Stickbait

$67.23 (Ex. GST)
F130 Bungarra Floating Stickbait by ASWB The F130 Bungarra is an outstanding design from ASWB. The big flat sides sends flashes in all directions to call monsters to the surface. The swimming action is a lazy dart with a nice amount of body roll. The...
Nature Boys

Nature Boys Fishing Fighters HT Split Ring

$9.05 - $12.68 (Ex. GST)
Fishing Fighters High Tenacity Type Split Ring The Hight Tenacity Split Ring that Fishing Fighters have produced is high in elasticity and very strong made from top quality stainless steel. The high elasticity assures they stay together long after being...

Shout Short Double Kudako Assist Hook

$10.86 - $18.14 (Ex. GST)
Short Double Kudako Stickbait and Popper Assist Hook by Shout The Shout Short Double Kudako assists have been designed specifically for rigging on stick baits and poppers. Using twin assists on stickbaits has become very popular and effective when...
Out of Stock.
FCL Labo HJ Stick 80  Sinking Stickbait
FCL Labo

FCL Labo HJ Stick 80 Sinking Stickbait

$34.50 (Ex. GST)
HJ 80 Sinking Stickbait by FCL Labo The HJ80 is the smaller version of the popular HJ Stick 160 and 200. It has been designed as a small profile fast sinking stickbait for targeting species such as tuna, tailor Australian salmon and small kingfish. On a...
FCL Labo

FCL Labo Nasup 130 Skipping Popper

$36.32 - $39.05 (Ex. GST)
Nasup 130 Rigged Skipping Popper by FCL Labo The new Nasup lures from FCL are a classic skipping popper that can be fished at high speed or with a chopping walk the dog style retrieve. Weighted toward the tail the Nasup is an exceptional casting lure...

ASWB Flutter Drop 40 Slow Sinking Stickbait

$27.23 (Ex. GST)
Flutter Drop 40 Slow Sinking Stickbait by ASWB The Flutter Drop from ASWB is a great affordable, durable and productive addition to their range. All lures come in a 100% recyclable cardboard package and the lure itself is made from part recycled ABS...
Patriot Design

Patriot Design Ocean Fighting Belt

$144.55 (Ex. GST)
Ocean Fighting Belt by Patriot Design The lightweight and strong Patriot Design Ocean Fighting Belt is ideal for both popping and jigging. This well designed belt enables use of both the gimbal pin and cup together with out the need to remove the pin...

ReefsEDGE Roey 110g Floating Popper

$68.14 - $72.68 (Ex. GST)
Roey 110g All-round Floating Popper by ReefsEDGE The ReefsEDGE Poppers offer superb finish and durability at a reasonable price. The Elsie features quality stainless steel components, wiring and a 8 layer Hardened Epoxy clear finish making the poppers...

ReefsEDGE Roey 80g Floating Popper

$63.59 - $72.68 (Ex. GST)
Roey 80g Floating Popper by ReefsEDGE Reefsedge Roey poppers have caught just about every bluewater gamefish on the planet over the last 10+ years, with its functional and uncomplicated design. The 80g version features quality stainless steel...