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Labana Studio BIGShake 188

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Labana Studio BIGShake 188 Floating Swimming Popper

Introducing the Labana Studio BIGShake 188 which is the bigger brother/sister of the Labana Studio Milkshake range. If your looking for a super tough, well built, versatile and big fish ready lure this is it and here is why. The BIGShake is a full action popper which is able to pop, dive, swim, walk the dog and it performs flawlessly on a steady retrieve. It is so full of action that it does not matter who is in charge of the rod because everybody will find a way to extract bites making it perform in their own personal way. Best performance with a sweep and pause rod action making it pop and dive with a steady bubble trail. Short chops of the rod will get it popping like a conventional popper. Slow or fast steady retrieve will get it diving like a minnow just under the surface or even get more technical and walk the dog with it.

The BIGShake features 2mm stainless steel wire through the lure which has been welded on both ends for extra strength and security. The body is made with an ultra tough ABS construction and has double paint coatings for enhanced durability. This lure has already accounted for some great catches including a 250kg bluefin tuna and was able to be re used again and again. The BIGShake 188 will be deadly chasing GT's, yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, spanish mackerel and all reef fish that love smashing topwater lures!!

*Some colours feature an ultra-glow in the dark belly 

Type: Swimming Popper (Floating)

Length: 188mm

Weight: 100g

Trebles and Rings: Comes standard with BKK Raptor Z 3/0 trebles and BKK size 8 rings

Singles: If you want to run a tail single hook we recommend using - BKK Lone Diablo Inline Single Hooks (BKK 090805) (7/0)

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Additional Info

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