Labana Studio Waterkiss 2022 120mm

$21.05 (Ex. GST)
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Waterkiss 120 Floating Stickbait by Labana Studio

Introducing the Waterkiss, a top-performing polymer floating bait crafted by Labana Studio, based in Spain. The Waterkiss is designed to be walked and skipped across the surface of the water, and features a side cavity that holds air, even when the lure is not in motion, providing extra buoyancy and keeping the lure horizontal. The Waterkiss can be worked at different speeds to achieve a variety of walking actions, making it a versatile choice for any topwater fisho. The Waterkiss comes equipped with a BKK treble hook on the belly and a BKK Lone Diablo single on the tail making it ready to use straight out of the package.

Weight Length Hooks
14g 120mm 2x BKK

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Additional Info

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