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INX Label Nazzo Jig 16 Metal Jig

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Nazzo Jig 16 Rigged Metal Jig by INX Label

INX Label is a small company out of Japan specialising in all things light tackle. 

Their Nazzo Jig is a nice versatile lure that's equally as deadly in the fresh or the salt. A slow roll gives the Nazzo a lively wobble and tail kick looking exactly like a fleeing baitfish as it swims through the water. It also works great jigged off the bottom, it darts up and then has an enticing flutter as it falls, often getting the bites on the drop.

The Nazzo Jig has caught an excellent array of species. With great catches of bass and trout in the fresh. In the salt it has been slaying bream, whiting, snapper and tailor. 

This lure comes pre rigged with small #6 hooks great for the more finesse approach chancing trout, bream and whiting. If you intend on targeting some larger predators like snapper, tuna or tailor we suggest changing the hooks to something like Shout Single Light Game Jaco Assist Hook (Shout 309713) (S) 

Type: Versatile Metal Jig

Weight: 16g

Length: 5cm

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Additional Info

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