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Tana Jig Aiya Long 300g Metal Jig

$39.05 (Ex. GST)
Aiya Long 300g Versatile Slow or High Pitch Metal Jig by Tana Jig The Tana Jig AIYA is a low resistance long jig that can be used with a high or slow pitch action. It slides right and left when jerked and hovers before falling. The falling action is a a...

Shout Stay 100g Metal Jig

$18.14 (Ex. GST)
Stay 100g High or Slow Pitch Centre Balanced Metal Jig by Shout Dart and pause action. The horizontal position the jig adopts as it flutters on the fall gives the fish an excellent chance for the fish to bite. The centre weighted jig,...

CB One Octagon 400

$39.05 (Ex. GST)
CB One Octagon 400 As the name suggests the CB One Octagon features 8 sides to give this jig a dazzling flashing and linear fall action. This jig is extremely easy to use and features an extremely light reeling experience for the angler even in strong...

Shout Lance 350g Metal Jig

$38.14 (Ex. GST)
Lance Jig 350g High or Slow Pitch Metal Jig by Shout  The Lance Jig has been designed to emulate the action of a Sand Lance bait fish. A long straight action, stall then fall mimics the sort after baitfish perfectly. The rounded underside of the...
Oceans Legacy

Oceans Legacy long Contact Jig 130g Rigged

$23.59 (Ex. GST)
Long Contact Jig 130g Rigged High Pitch or Technical Metal Jig The Long Contact Jig is a centre balanced jig designed and tested in Australian waters. Being centre balanced it give the jig a great darting glide and slide action. It is deadly fishing...

On The Blue Glow Emperor 120

$24.50 (Ex. GST)
On The Blue Glow Emperor 120 On The Blue Glow Emperor is a cephalopod (squid) type slow jig designed to be very easy to use and proven on a variety of species. The body features two lateral fins which help give it a realistic natural action with just...

Studio Ocean Mark Blue Heaven L50Hi/R-Bb 2024 Limited

$1,800.00 (Ex. GST)
Studio Ocean Mark Blue Heaven L50Hi/R-Bb 2024 Limited Studio Ocean Mark create some of the worlds finest jigging reels and the the 2024 limited edition model is perfect for the angler who demands the best! The Blue Heaven L50Hi/R-Bb is designed to be...
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Ocean Seals Gracia 130g Metal Jig
Ocean Seals

Ocean Seals Gracia 130g Metal Jig

$15.41 (Ex. GST)
Gracia 130g Slow or High Pitch Fluttering Sliding Metal Jig by Ocean Seals The Gracia Jig has a very unique shape creating plenty of action when jigged and on the fall. It has a lively darting action when worked up through the water column, then a nice...

Palms Jigaro Super Slide 135g Metal Jig

$23.59 (Ex. GST)
Jigaro Super Slide 135g by Palms For the more experienced angler the Palms Jigaro Super Slide will provide unique actions as it's designed to be work with good rod technique. The jig will perform according to the fishers performance. Whether that's slow...