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Labana Studio Milkshake 98 Diving Popper

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Milkshake 98 Diving Popper from Labana Studio

Introducing The Milkshake, a new line of high-quality polymer lures crafted by Labana Studio, a Spanish manufacturer. The Milkshake is a versatile diving/swimming popper that creates an erratic action, thanks to its unique shape and curves. When ripped, the Milkshake also produces a loud bloop and pulls an enticing trail in the water.

The Milkshake 98 comes equipped with a BKK treble hook on the belly and a BKK Lone Diablo single on the tail, making it a great choice for targeting small tuna, trevally, flathead, and other small reef species.


Weight Length Hook Treble Hook Single
18g Rigged 98mm BKK #6 BKK Lone Diablo
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