Malosi Chieftain 150F

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Chieftain 150F *

Malosi Chieftain 150F Floating Stickbait

This is the original Malosi floating stickbait design, featuring the signature cut mouth and minimal weighting. It is extremely easy to use with an in-built action and can be retrieved in many different ways. Chieftains lures have proven effective for catching a wide range of fish, from XXL Giant Trevally and Kingfish to Tuna, Mackerel, Trout, and many others in between. Thanks to its versatility, strength, and ability to perform in any conditions, it can catch practically anything. This is why it has become the most popular model in our range. The Chieftain is different to most traditional floating sticks in that it sits horizontal on the surface at rest and has a natural swim action built in. Requiring next to no effort, this stickbait can be fished all day with ease; sweep, pop or straight retrieve, the Chieftain will dig in just under the surface and swim seductively, even in chop or at heights where most traditional floating stickbaits cannot be used effectively.

All Master Series blanks are constructed using an innovative two-part process, setting Malosi lures apart with their unique design. Initially, a solid paulownia core is created, incorporating hidden internal weights and 2mm stainless steel 316L wire for enhanced durability. This core is then inserted into a silicone mold, where it is encapsulated in a 2mm thick wall of ABS-like resin.

Type: Floating stickbait

Length: 150mm

Weight: 45g

Treble Hooks: Decoy Y-S22 Treble (Decoy 400364) (3/0) or BKK Raptor Z Treble (BKK 094568) (3/0)

Single Hooks: Shout Single Kudako Topwater Assist Hook (Shout 090529) (4/0) or Decoy Castin Single JS-5 (Decoy 401200) (4/0)

Split Rings: Decoy Split Ring (Decoy 811283) (8) or CB One Split Ring XX (CB One 806533) (#8)


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Additional Info

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