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Oceans Legacy Adrenalin Light Game Spin Jigging Rods

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Adrenalin Light Game Spin High or Slow Pitch Jig Rod by Oceans Legacy

The Adrenalin Light Game Spin series is a great addition to the Oceans Legacy range. Excellent versatile rods with an option for everything when it comes to light jigging. 

The rods have a really nice responsive tip, giving jigs a lively action without much effort. Very angler friendly parabolic bend that makes fighting fish a breeze whist possessing surprising power for their line rating, giving you control over the fish when needed.

Great fun versatile rods that can work jigs equally as well with a high pitch or slow pitch technique.

ADLG-S631L PE 1-2.5

The PE1-2.5 is a great versatile option for chasing small snapper in the bay, pearl perch, tusk fish or small trevally.

Length: 6'3" (191cm)

Weight: 175g

Line Weight: PE# 1-2.5

Jig Weight: 50-130g 

Sections: 1 Piece

Packed Length: 194cm

Butt Length: 63cm


ADLG-S621ML PE 1.2-3

The PE1.2-3.0 is Great for chasing bigger snapper, pearl perch and smaller coral trout and emperor as well as small trevally and rat kings and amberjack

Length: 6'2" (188cm)

Weight: 190g

Line Weight: PE# 1.2-3

Jig Weight: 60-180g 

Sections: 1 Piece

Packed Length: 195cm

Butt Length: 62cm


ADLG-S621M PE 1.5-3.5

The PE1.5-3.5 is another versatile rod for chasing large snapper, pearl perch as well as reef fish like coral trout and red throat emperor. will also tackle rat kings and amberjack

Length: 6'1" (185cm)

Weight: 200g

Line Weight: PE#1.5-3.5

Jig Weight: 80-220g 

Sections: 1 Piece

Packed Length: 190cm

Butt Length: 62cm




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