Oceans Legacy

Oceans Legacy Duelist Fluorocarbon Leader

$35.41 - $40.86 (Ex. GST)
Breaking Strain *

Duelist Fluorocarbon Leader by Oceans Leagacy.

Oceans Legacy's Duelist Fluorocarbon leader has a surprisingly supple feel compered to other fluorocarbon leaders on the market yet still possesses great abrasion resistance you expect from a top quality FC leader. It's suppleness makes it a great option for casting when chasing fish in tight cover.


Strength: 40lb

Diameter: 0.59mm

Length: 60m


Strength: 50lb

Diameter: 0.64mm

Length: 60m


Strength: 60lb

Diameter: 0.72mm

Length: 60m


Strength: 80lb

Diameter: 0.83mm

Length: 40m




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Additional Info

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