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Oceans Legacy Raptus Popping Rods

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Raptus "Popping Tuned" Offshore Popping Rods by Oceans Legacy

The Raptus series is a range of rods dedicated to casting poppers at big fish. After 3 years of testing multiple blanks with various guide set ups Oceans Legacy has created a rod that will get the best out of your lures with the power to stop the hardest fighting predators.

The rods have stiffness all the way to the tip section, helping the angler pull large cup faced poppers through the water with ease. The strong stiff blank also helps with setting hooks and turning fish when running for cover.

built with the highest quality Japanese componentry from Fuji. It employs Fuji DPS reel seat and custom locking nut designed for Ocean’s Legacy. The blank is reinforced with 2x multi Cross Core Carbon and multi blend Japanese Toray graphite providing maximum lure action and incredible power.


The PE 8 Model is a nice medium / heavy rod that is perfect for casting and working poppers from 100g - 180g at GT or large kingfish. This rod will also handle medium to large stickbaits especially with more technical twitching and darting retrieves.

Length: 7'11"

Weight: 415g

Line Weight: PE 8

Cast Weight: 100 - 180g

Sections: Butt join

Butt Length: 830mm

Packed Length: 175cm


The PE 10 Model is getting into the heavier style popping rods. It's a very strong and stiff rod designed for casting big lures at big fish. It will cast and work poppers from 120g-200g  

Length: 7'10"

Weight: 435g

Line Weight: PE 10

Cast Weight: 120 - 200g

Sections: Butt join

Butt Length: 830mm

Packed Length: 175cm


PE 12 model is not for the faint hearted. It's certainly in the heavy end of popping rods, really stiff and powerful, A rod designed for casting the biggest poppers at the biggest fish. Ypu definitely want to do some weights training before using this rod.

Length: 7'9"

Weight: 480g

Line Weight: PE 12

Jig Weight: 140 - 230g

Sections: Butt join

Butt Length: 830mm

Packed Length: 175cm

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