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Oceans Legacy Tidalus 125 Diving Minnow

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Tidalus 125 Diving Minnow

Introducing the Tidalus Casting Minnow by Ocean's Legacy, a highly engineered lure designed to swim with unparalleled effectiveness. It has undergone extensive testing and proven its worth in various Australian terrains, from northern reef flats to south coast rock ledges. The sleek body with a functional bib caters to multiple fishing techniques and species, while the full stainless steel wiring ensures exceptional durability. With different models offering varying sinking speeds, this lure can access deeper schools. Precise tuning and balancing enable straight swimming from high ledges, and it comes rigged with super strong split rings and 4x treble hooks. The Tidalus Casting Minnow features UV-reactive paint, and high-quality Japanese 3D foil and flitter for an enticing appearance. Experience its exceptional swimming action, embodying Ocean's Legacy's commitment to innovation and excellence in fishing tackle design.

Type: Slow Sinking Casting Minnow

Weight: 32g

Length: 125mm

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Additional Info

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