Patriot Design

Patriot Design Duplex Tuna 76H

$1,180.91 (Ex. GST)

Patriot Design Duplex Tuna 76H

Patriot Design is a small Japanese company, known around the world for their dedication to making expedition level tackle for hunting the worlds toughest gamefish. Their rods are particularly sought after by anglers chasing monster class GT, tuna and dogtooth, for both their rod power and durability in extreme fishing situations.

The Duplex 76H rod, as the name suggests is designed for chasing big tuna. The rod features a softer elastic tip section suitable for casting and working stickbaits down to about 70g and up to a max of around 170g. It is also capable of working small cup face poppers as well. Once loaded, the rod stiffens dramatically in the bottom half of the rod for a very powerful bottom end. The leverage point is kept close to the angler which helps to maximise the pressure on the fish, putting the brakes on big fish quickly! This rod is the perfect choice when targeting large yellowfin and bluefin tuna, as well as chasing big dogtooth or GT. 

The Patriot Design Duplex rods are built with Fuji reel seats and Fuji stainless framed SiC MNSG (Ocean) guides for maximum durability.

Length: 231cm (7'6)

Rod Weight: 485g

Line: PE 6 - 10

Cast Weight: Max 170g

Sections: Butt Joint

Packed Length: 157cm

Butt Length: 83cm

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Additional Info

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