Sportube TSA Combination Lock

$49.95 (Ex. GST)

TSA Combination Cable Lock

This Travel Sentry® Approved lock allows your luggage to be unlocked, inspected and protected safely.
Flying with your Sportube or Shipping via FedEx or UPS? Travel Sentry® Approved locks from Sportube are accepted and recognized by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Luggage is safely unlocked, inspected and re-locked without damage to the case or the lock.
If shipping your Sportube, the TSA Lock is perfect to make sure your gear gets to your destination exactly as you packed it. With no TSA to inspect it, the combination lock will keep anyone that comes across your shipment from being able to see what you have inside.
  • 25% thicker cable than comparable locks
  • TSA can unlock with their unique key
  • 3-Digit combination allow you to set your unique number

You can set your own combination lock by the following instructions:
1. Set dials to the preset combination: 0-0-0
2. Push in the button on the bottom right of the lock and continue to hold pushed in until completing step 3. TIP- Do NOT release button while you are turning dials to your desired personal 3-digit combination

3. With the button pushed in, turn dials to your desired combination code.
4. Release button. Then Slide the right side of the cable to the left and up (pinching the cables together)
PRESET OPTION - We can preset your TSA Lock before we ship it for an additional $5.00. Just choose the "preset" option above and let us know your desired 3-digit combination when checking out and we will do it before we ship it out. That way you don't have to worry about figuring it out and you'll know it's done right before your next trip. We will also keep the preset combo on file for you so that you can't ever forget it!
RESET OPTION - It is possible to change your current combination to a new 3 digit combination if you know your combination that it is currently set at. To do this, first unlock the lock and have it open, then follow the original lock set procedure (mentioned above) to reset to a new combination.
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Additional Info

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