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Studio Composite Volta 275

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Studio Composite Volta 275 Swimbait

The Studio Composite Volta range of swimbaits are the worlds first carbon composite lures!! These swimbaits are robust and strong with a full solid body that can produce stable movements from low to high speeds with ease. The carbon composite material which is really a solid core body of epoxy resin and glass bubbles sandwiched between carbon is super strong and has zero chance of water intrusion or flooding damage. The introduction of the Buffalo eye at the front of the lure really frees up the available movement of the swimbait without getting tangled up on itself. Making it possible to really slow down the movement and get a really nice slide left to right. The joints that join the two/three sections are super strong and allow for maximum movement and range and the sound of carbon colliding is very unique and almost a woody clunk but deeper. If your looking for a world class handmade swimbait the Studio Composite Volta series is one of the best made swimbaits we have played with on the market. Perfect for chasing murray cod, barramundi, mullowway, XL flathead and any fish that loves big bait presentations. 

Studio Composite lures are all made in Japan and there quality is second to none!!

Type: Jointed Swimbait

Length: 275mm

Weight: 190g


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Additional Info

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