Sum Lures Slalomer 85

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Sum Lures Slalomer 85 Sinking Stickbait 

Sum Lures Slalomer 85 is a sinking bib less minnow/stickbait designed to be used in both fresh and saltwater applications. Cast distance and searching are the core goals with this lure but also using the countdown method to get it in the target depth it can be twitched and slow retrieved. This is also a great small option for people wanting a super small sinking stickbait for fussy fish feeding on small baits like small tuna, tailor, salmon, school mackerel and small gt's. Whether your fishing in the dams for bass, saratoga and big trout or casting and retrieving quickly for small saltwater predators the Slalomer 85 is right up your alley. 

Type: Sinking Bib less minnow/stickbait

Length: 85mm

Weight: 17g

Hooks: Pre rigged size #6 Japanese trebles

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Additional Info

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