Hots Lure Mesh Bag

$45.41 - $54.50 (Ex. GST)
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Lure Mesh Bag from Hots


  • You can wash your lures and jigs with the bag together after a fishing.
  • The bags are made of a PVC mesh material, and the bags have three mesh sides at the front side, the back side, and the bottom side.
  • The bags have three sizes in the product line-up. So, the bags can stock from short slow jigging jigs to long jigs and big plugs.
  • The top of the bags are printed the illustrations of target fishes, which are GT, TUNA, AMBERJACK, and KINGFISH.
  • The big opening of the bags allows easily a lure to be picked and put in.
  • S size bag is recommended to stock metal jigs.
  • M size bag is recommended to stock big plugs.
  • L size bag having a large storage can stock a M size bag and a S size bag together.
  • Back side pocket can stock a short jig and a frequently used goods like a plier.
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