Zenaq Rod Protector Film

$27.23 (Ex. GST)

Rod Protector Film by Zenaq

The Zenaq Rod Protector Film is made of high-quality 150 µm urethane film - perfect for protecting your rods from scratches, impact, and weather damage.

This special film is designed to be flexible and easy to apply, even on curved surfaces, ensuring a neat and smooth finish. Say goodbye to the unsightly scratches on your rods and enjoy the beauty of your equipment for longer with our protector sheet.

The high transparency of the film ensures that it won't be noticeable once applied, preserving the sleek look of your rods.

To use, simply cut the film to the required size and wipe away any oil or dirt from the surface. Apply the film from the edges, taking care to avoid air pockets.

Please note that due to the strong adhesive strength of the film, care should be taken when peeling it off to avoid any damage to the painted surface of the rod. Store the film at room temperature away from UV light and use it at your earliest convenience for best results.

Size: 297x105mm

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